The Neurone platform is created to solve the problem of exchanging tokens and cryptocurrencies for real goods and services, and it is also expected to accelerate the process of adopting cryptocurrencies around the world. Neurone is a global e-commerce platform focused on non-standard operations that enable transactions between sellers and buyers only for cryptocurrencies. Our platform wants to give the opportunity to buy products and services directly for cryptocurrencies, which means there is no need to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies such as Euro Dollars or Złotowki. The user of our platform will be able to issue a product or service for each Token or cryptocurrency available on blockchain Waves, in which he wants to receive payment. All transactions between buyers and sellers will be secured by intelligent contracts (smart contracts) that have been built on a solid foundation Blockchain Waves. The token of our “Neurone” platform will be used to charge adverts, listings or services on the Neurone platform. The platform will satisfy every potential consumer who today uses such companies as Amazon E-bay or Allegro, but certainly with one very important difference, the current e-commerce platforms do not accept cryptocurrencies as the official means of payment. Neurone is supposed to change this and give us the opportunity to choose. Our project is directed mainly to current users of cryptocurrency and all supporters of Blockchain technology, although we are convinced that this technology and cryptocurrencies will change the world and in the near future will be widely accepted, hence Neurone will be the first such platform in the world.

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